Career consultancy

PERSOL’s career consultancy service for multilinguals
BRS is a specialized service of PERSOL CAREER that assists global-minded professionals with multiple linguistic abilities find a new career. We work a diverse portfolio of jobs that cater to various language needs.
Mid-senior professionals
Numerous jobs available for experienced and qualified professionals
Most of our jobs are for mid-senior level individuals with a wealth of specialized experiences. From foreign to domestic firms, these companies demand a global mindset and a wide range of language skills and levels.
Specialized consultants
Our expert consultants will present you with next-level opportunities
BRS consultants specialize by industry and function. Their strong client relationships and specialized market knowledge will help accurately assess your experiences and requirements, as well as propose suitable job opportunities.

Service flow

  1. Sign up

    Sign up

    Sign up with BRS. The more information you register, the higher the chances of a BRS consultant being able to match you with your ideal job.

  2. Search and apply to jobs

    Search and apply to jobs

    Look through our job listings and apply to jobs that interest you. *This step is optional.

  3. Speak with a BRS consultant

    Speak with a BRS consultant

    Consult with a BRS consultant about your career goals, values, and needs.

  4. Receive information on jobs

    Receive information on jobs

    Based on your needs, our consultants will begin searching for suitable career opportunities, and consult with you regarding potential positions.

  5. Applications to interviews

    Applications to interviews

    Consultants will support you through the whole application process, including tips on how to edit your résumé / CV and how to prepare for interviews.

  6. Offer to onboarding

    Offer to onboarding

    Once you receive a job offer, BRS will assist with all negotiations to ensure you get the best offer possible.

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