Advice on job hunting

Your résumé / CV is vital in giving that positive and memorable first impression of you.
Spend the necessary time preparing your résumé / CV to ensure it represents you accurately and positively and it will open more opportunities for you during your job search.

Preparing an effective résumé / CV

Pay close attention to the following points if you wish to create an effective résumé / CV. These points particularly apply to English resumes.

Does it include specifics?

Does it include examples?

Does it contain inappropriate or unnecessary personal information?

Does it contain vocabulary and expressions that are hard to understand?

Does it include false or exaggerated information?

Have you excluded or deleted certain parts of your work history?

Have you proof read your work to check for any mistakes?

Do you customize your résumé / CV for every company you apply to?

The consultants at BRS do more than just supply you with information on new job openings.
If requested, they will offer tips on how to further improve it.

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