For those considering a job change

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BRS provides its services to bilingual and multilingual professionals in Japan looking for new career opportunities that will elevate their careers to the next level. Our users speak a range of languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

Our strengths

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Applying your language skills

Language requirements can vary largely by company and position. Some companies may require conversational level language skills but ask for strong reading and writing skills instead. Some may require complete fluency in 2 or more languages. Whatever your language level may be now, know that there are a variety of needs for bilingual / mulitilingual professionals. Let us help you find what is available and suitable for you in the market today.

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Supporting experienced professionals

Many of the professionals BRS support are experienced business men and women in their 30s and 40s. Our consultants listen carefully to their experiences, as well as about any recent changes in their life, to get an overall understanding of their potential as a business person and their needs. Our consultants use these as clues to help them map out a career plan thats best for them.

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Our specialized consultants have full access to the PERSOL Group network and database

Since its establishment in 2012, BRS has supported many companies and job seekers, as the bilingual/multilingual service of the PERSOL Group; one of the largest human resource services in Japan. Each of our consultants are specialized in a specific industry and job type, giving them a deep understanding of their area. They also have access to the extensive network of the PERSOL Group as well as our own, allowing them to offer multiple postions that cater to the job seekers needs.

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