External transmission of user data

External services that use our customers’ data

Websites of PERSOL CAREER CO., LTD. and LAIBO INC. transmit our customers’ data for the purpose of using the following services provided by third parties.

Those external services that use our customers’ data infer each website visitor’s residential area, employer, hobbies and preferences, gender, and generation by combining elements of customer data for presenting contents and ads suitable to each website visitor, and analyze user access for improvement of the websites’ designs and user experiences.

For more details on those services, data elements used by those services, and the purposes of such use, please refer to each service provider’s website.

Those services can be disabled by changing the settings of the browser used by each customer. Please refer to the opt-out page for disabling each service. Note that if any customer selects the setting for opting out of all services, such customer may become subject to restrictions on the customer’s use of services on the Internet, such as unavailability of services that require authentication.

For detailed information about our external transmission of user data, please visit the following page:
https://www.persol-career.co.jp/terms/cookie/(Currently only available in Japanese)