RPO Services

(Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

Providing solutions to counter your hiring challenges

Unforeseen challenges coordinating
with overseas headquarters

With our vast knowledge on recruitment, we will work together to help global HQ better understand the Japanese hiring market

The current cost of hiring is too high,
due to the exclusive use of
recruitment agents

We propose appropriate
recruitment tools to optimize
your hiring

Priority is on short-term recruitment
rather than long-term strategic hiring

We support to create
long-term recruiting strategies

Japan's Labor Market and the Benefits of
Implementing RPO

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the full or partial outsourcing of the recruitment process in companies.

Our RPO professionals are responsible for all recruitment-related work within your organization, including end-to-end process management.

By utilizing our RPO services, companies can reallocate resources to other core tasks while also strengthening their recruitment capabilities.

As a result of the oft-mentioned birthrate and aging population challenges facing Japan, the working population is in steady decline, thus fueling a candidate-driven market.

Organizations looking to hire are facing stiffer competition than in years past. As globalization has increased communication internationally and helped expand economies, it has also forced Japanese companies to be more proficient with the English language. However, Japan lags behind its Asian counterparts in its English language proficiency, therefore creating an additional challenge to working in Japan. By utilizing our RPO services, you will be able to direct your internal resources to the most needed places while also providing your organization with English language recruitment support.

Future Population Projections in Japan

Future Population Projections in Japan

Our strengths

PERSOL Group's expertise in comprehensive recruitment

We provide RPO services that make use of the know-how of PERSOL, which has developed many recruitment tools in-house, to handle various employment forms (part-time, dispatch, new graduate, mid-career, external advisor, etc.).

Our most popular services include job advertisements, agency service, and direct scouting. "doda" is well-known for direct scouting; dodaX, BRS, and EAS for mid-senior executive areas; and advisory support through HiPro. As part of PERSOL, Japan's largest human resource service providers, BRS RPO offers services that take advantage of its expertise.

PERSOL CAREER business and services
PERSOL CAREER business and services

Bilingual Recruitment Expertise

While demand of bilingual talents is increasing, the English proficiency of Japan is extremely low, ranking 80th out of 111 countries and regions. As a result, bilingual talent is limited, and hiring such bilingual talent is becoming highly competitive year by year.

*Refer to the 2022 EF English Proficiency Index

A customized approach is required to successfully recruit for positions in Japan. It is important to consider multiple factors, including years of experience as well as appropriate channels from which to source said candidates. BRS is well-versed in hiring bilingual talent.

Helping to improve the recruitment process and build know-how within your company

As a comprehensive RPO, we identify recruitment issues and provide solutions.
With today's ever-diversifying hiring, there is a limit to the knowledge a company can acquire on its own. We will be your partners in making sure the best recruitment know-how is accumulated within your company long-term.

With BRS RPO as your partner,
we can solve these challenges together

  • Recruiters are experiencing difficulty as global HQ does not have a full grasp of the Japanese recruitment market.

    We will help bridge the gap in global HQ's understanding of the Japanese recruitment market with data-based information.

    Without sufficient information of the Japanese talent pool, global HQ may be overly critical or reject a good candidate, causing friction with the local team. As part of the PERSOL Group, BRS RPO with its broad insight on recruitment, may provide relevant information to the global HQ, such as how many eligible candidates there are in the Japanese labor market, and how many candidates will increase/decrease when conditions are modified. By promoting understanding of the global HQ, we can lead to successful recruitment.

  • The company lacks in-house recruiters who can speak both Japanese and English to support overseas collaboration.

    Our bilingual recruiters will support your hiring.

    Among the PERSOL Group, BRS RPO is specialized in servicing global companies. Our experienced recruiters will communicate seamlessly with the recruitment stakeholders to ensure effective results.

  • Ineffective tools have lead to higher costs and reliance on hiring though agents.

    We will recommend appropriate recruitment tools for each position depending on job function and required experience.

    PERSOL CAREER has various recruiting services, such as doda for agency service, doda job advertisement, dodaX for specialized careers, and senior advisory services. Based on the wealth of experience and knowledge we have cultivated so far, we can propose the best recruitment tools for cost-effective performance. We recommend the appropriate recruitment tools to clients aiming to balance hiring through agents, and optimize recruitment.

  • The current recruitment lacks structure, and requires strategy.

    We will offer guidance on strategic hiring.

    A clear guideline is necessary to shift to a strategic recruitment plan. At BRS, we use our many years of experience and expertise to advise our clients on how to approach their recruitment plans. We will start by working to understand the ideal recruiting of our clients based on their company vision and goals, and their current hiring situation.
    For any gaps identified, we will take action with each process.

    As an example, we will provide advice on suitable target candidates considering the recruitment market, optimizing recruitment methods, improving candidates screenings, formulating evaluation criteria for interviews, and managing target candidates well.
    We also analyze market trends and the situation of competitors, and provide support to identify appropriate recruitment methods and secure competitive advantage.
    In this way, we will realize a shift from ad hoc recruitment to strategic recruitment and support the construction of long-term human resource strategies.

  • Even with enough applicants, we are always behind the hiring target from offer rejections or withdrawals.

    Once hiring challenges are identified, training for interviewers and market information will be provided.

    Identifying the challenges in recruiting is most crucial. Clarifying issues as to whether there is a gap between the needs of applicants hiring managers, issues with interviewers and interview content, or losing talent to competitors. In accordance with the issues, our RPO professionals will make appropriate proposals, such as reviewing recruitment targets and interviews, analyzing recruitment competition, and at times changing personnel systems.

    With knowledge of PERSOL CAREER, BRS RPO can provide services such as interviewer training. We will guide you on appropriate evaluation criteria and questioning methods for interviews, and how to attract candidates. In order to align ourselves with the market, we analyze the trends and the recruitment situation with your hiring competitors. In addition, we may also add services such as assessment and evaluation tools to more accurately evaluate the motivation and suitability of candidates. This will lead to more effective recruitment selection and secure the number of hires.

  • Struggling to hire specialist/talents with high language ability.

    BRS RPO leverages its extensive recruiting expertise, and will reach out to the qualified professionals with high language ability.

    BRS RPO was created by PERSOL CAREER to meet the recruitment needs of "talents with high language skills""specialists and management-level talent". In addition, PERSOL CAREER has many years of experience and a great track record in the recruitment of young professionals.

    BRS RPO has expertise in both young and highly specialized recruiting and can provide a holistic approach to human resources. We are committed to becoming a strategic partner in our clients' recruiting operations, leveraging the market information and candidate demographics that PERSOL CAREER, including BRS RPO, possesses to provide the best recruiting approach for challenging positions.

Our Business Flow

  • First Meeting

    We will gain a deeper understanding of your company's hiring goals and challenges.

  • Solution Proposal

    We will propose a plan based on your request and work out specific service content and processes.

  • Signing

    Upon agreement, we will prepare for the launch of our services.

  • Project Start

    We provide high-quality services in a timely and efficient manner to meet the needs of our clients.

  • Contract Duration

    We will provide regular reporting and ongoing support, while catering to additional needs and feedback.


  • Will you be able to work from client offices?

    Yes, we offer on-site, off-site (remote) support or a mixture of both (hybrid). Please contact us to discuss your needs.

  • Do you offer support in languages other than English and Japanese?

    We mainly support Japanese and English, however, if other languages are required, please feel free to contact us. We will propose appropriate measures.

  • Is it possible to outsource only part of the recruitment process?

    While BRS RPO's strength is comprehensive support from strategic planning to operations, we may also offer partial support. Please contact us for a consultation so that we can make the best proposal to meet your needs.

  • Is the contract format based on a fixed or contingency fee?

    Both fixed-fee and a contingency feeoperational expense (hybrid) are possible. We will propose the most appropriate type of contract to meet your needs and goals. Please discuss the detailed conditions with us at the meeting.