Bilingual RPO Services


From recruitment planning to selection and offer acceptance,
BRS takes care of all aspects of the hiring processes.


RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) involves outsourcing recruitment tasks, and allowing companies to delegate hiring responsibilities. Below are examples of services provided for each stage of the recruitment process, tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses.

Service Details

  • Recruitment

    Strategic planning

    Support in recruitment
    channel selection

    Support in operational

  • Candidate Pool

    Recruitment channel

    Candidate requirement

    Scout recruitment planning

  • Application
    Reception /

    Document screening

    Application management

    Casual interviews

  • Interviews /

    Interview advice

    Candidate relationship

    Interview scheduling

  • Offer and

    Candidate relationship

    Closing support

    Offer document handling

Our strengths

Comprehensive recruitment

The PERSOL Group provides a diverse range of services related to people and organizations, including temporary staffing, career change, IT outsourcing and recruitment think tank, with "Work and Smile" as the group vision. Within the group. PERSOL CAREER focuses on providing recruitment services.
At BRS, we leverage the extensive expertise cultivated by PERSOL CAREER to deliver top-tier RPO services.

Bilingual support

Our bilingual team, proficient in English and Japanese, offers recruitment outsourcing and comprehensive consulting services. We are adept at managing recruitment process in both languages, including communication with overseas headquarters.

Insights into Japanese and
global job markets

We possess insights into both the Japanese and global market, drawing from extensive experience supporting numerous multinational corporations. This dual-market comprehension enables us to engage in discussions and negotiations with overseas headquarters, or to provide support in such context.

Challenges and Solutions

  • We want to ease recruitment requirements set by the overseas headquarters.

    We use data to enhance understanding of Japanese job market, supporting the rationalization of recruitment requirements.

    Japan's unique job market, including the scarcity of bilingual candidates and employers' attention to job transition frequency, often leads to a mismatch with global recruitment criteria. Leveraging the accumulated recruitment knowledge within the PERSOL Group, BRS provides data-driven insights into the number of potential candidates for specific requirements. This facilitates a better understanding of the Japanese market for the overseas headquarters, resulting in more aligned and effective recruitment process.

  • We want to reduce recruitment costs.

    We propose tailored recruitment methods for each job opening, achieving overall cost optimization.

    PERSOL CAREER offers a wide range of recruitment services, including the job transition platform "doda", job advertisements, new graduate recruitment support, and specialized services for freelancers, executives, and various specialists. Taking into consideration factors such as budget constraints and urgency, our approach involved suggesting recruitment strategies suitable for each job category, resulting in a successful and cost-effective hiring process.

  • We want to do recruitment strategically, in line with the business plan.

    We will support developing specific measures necessary for strategic hiring through consulting.

    At BRS, we offer comprehensive recruitment consulting along with the recruitment outsourcing. We accurately understand the company's situation and clarify the desired talent profile and recruitment strategy based on its vision and business plan. Utilizing market trends and analysis of competitors' recruitment practices, we support the optimization of recruitment methods, reassessment of screening techniques, and formulation of evaluation criteria, assisting in building a long-term talent strategy through various means.

  • We want to reduce the number of rejections or withdrawals.

    We identify the hiring challenges and provide necessary solutions.

    Identifying the challenges in recruiting is most crucial. Clarifying issues as to whether there is a gap between the needs of applicants, hiring managers, issues with interviewers and interview content, or losing talent to competitors. In accordance with the issues, our RPO professionals will provide appropriate support, such as reviewing recruitment targets and interviews, analyzing recruitment competition, and at times changing personnel systems.


  • Will you be able to work from client offices?

    Yes, we offer on-site support.
    We also offer remote or hybrid, a mixture of both.

  • Do you offer support in languages other than English and Japanese?

    We mainly support Japanese and English, however, if other languages are required, please feel free to contact us. We will propose appropriate measures.

  • Is it possible to outsource only part of the recruitment process?

    While our strength is comprehensive support from strategic planning to operations, we also offer partial support. Please contact us for a consultation so that we can make the best proposal to meet your needs.

  • Is the contract format based on a fixed or contingency fee?

    Most contracts are based on fixed-fee, however we also offer a hybrid of contingency fee + operational expense. We will propose the most appropriate type of contract to meet your needs and goals.

Our Business Flow

  • First Meeting

    We will gain a deeper understanding of your company's hiring goals and challenges.

  • Solution Proposal

    We will propose a plan based on your request and work out specific service content and processes.

  • Signing

    Upon agreement, we will prepare for the launch of our services.

  • Project Start

    We provide high-quality services in a timely and efficient manner to meet the needs of our clients.

  • Contract Duration

    We will provide regular reporting and ongoing support, while catering to additional needs and feedback.

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