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  • Job number: Job-00255494 Posted: 2023-09-21


    10 - 15 million yen Tokyo Pharmaceutical Medical Doctor

    Company overview
    Our client is a biopharmaceutical company.
    海外関係会社MDとの安全性評価やメディカルレビューに関する議論 ・部署内外の安全性関連会議への参画
    Patrick Chang
    Patrick Chang
  • Job number: Job-00238202 Posted: 2023-07-14

    CRP (Diabetes/CNS Neuro/CNS Psychiatrist/Autoimmune)

    Tokyo or Kobe
    20 - 16 million yen Tokyo Pharmaceutical Medical Doctor

    Company overview
    Our client is one of the top medicine and Clinical Research companies worldwide.
    Clinical development physicians (CRPs) are expected to demonstrate strong leadership in their clinical development and medical affairs activities as medical experts through their experience and expertise in clinical settings and basic research.
    From the perspective of medical professionals, CRP is expected to perform the following actions from the early stage of new drug development, throughout the development period, approval/launch/post-marketing, and at all stages of the drug life cycle.
    Lead and support new drug clinical development work in cooperation with members of related departments.
    Support for clinical trial implementation, lead preparation of application materials, support for regulatory affairs, lead for relationship building through hearing opinions and information sharing from related thought leaders, lead for publication of scientific data, etc.
    Leading close cooperation with US headquarters team members. 
    With a view to launching new drugs under development, lead post-launch preparatory activities (including environmental improvements) from the perspective of a medical expert.
    Planning and execution of medical events (advisory board meetings, scientific interviews, etc. )
    Respond to medical and scientific questions from external customers (response preparation, visit explanation, etc.)
    Strategic planning and execution of medical education activities for external customers (Scientific Exchange Meeting, Health Education Meeting, Med Ed Web site management, content creation, etc.)
    Creation of scientific evidence for the drug (Real World Evidence, etc.)
    Conference presentations and paper writing on the drug ( including collaboration with thought leaders)
    Various discussions about the drug with external customers ( including thought leaders)
    As a member of the brand team, I support various business activities of the sales/marketing team, formulating strategies to improve product value after marketing.
    Collaborate with marketing team to create brand strategy
    Medical review for marketing tools
    Emely Motol
    Emely Motol
  • Job number: Job-00203537 Posted: 2023-06-15


    2nd in MD to be hired in JP
    12 - 15 million yen Tokyo Pharmaceutical Medical Doctor

    Company overview
    Our client is a clinical-stage biotechnology company.
    Collaborate with Cross functional members to contribute to the development of products desired in the medical field and to maximize of product value.
    Participate in discussions on optimizing our technology with algorithms.
    Understanding of our treatments through discussions with KOLs at our target hospitals.
    Support sales from science perspective as the core of medical communication that emphasizes compliance.
    Join the discussion with KOLs for proper use of Illuminox to meet “Unmet Needs” in cancer treatment.
    Conduct a wide range of medical / science activities such as doctor-led clinical trials, publications, and advisory board meetings.
    Evaluation and support of clinical trials, presentations at academic conferences on clinical trials, publications, promotional materials, web contents, information on briefing sessions, etc. Manage operational aspects of clinical trials from study start-up through database lock as assigned, with adherence to stated goals, timelines, budgets, and applicable regulatory requirements.
    Martin Tsvetkov
    Martin Tsvetkov
  • Job number: Job-00241110 Posted: 2023-06-15


    7 - 12.5 million yen Tokyo Pharmaceutical Medical Doctor

    Company overview
    Our client engages in research and development, manufacture, sale and import and export of pharmaceuticals.
    治験責任医師/分担医師やKey Opinion Leaders(KOL)の先生方との医学的な議論
    ※オンコロジー領域の臨床開発において、日本・アジア地区をメインとした臨床試験における医学的観点からの安全性・有効性評価が実施できる方を求めています。また、これらを通じて、治験責任医師/分担医師やKey Opinion Leaders(KOL)の先生方と医学的な議論をして頂きます。社内の開発状況によっては、臨床開発戦略の策定にもご参画頂きます。
    Patrick Chang
    Patrick Chang

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