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Changing the work environment
after child birth


Annual Salary 8.3M yen

Marketing, Japanese Medical Device Manufacturer


Annual Salary 9.5M yen

Product marketing, Foreign-capital Medical Device Manufacturer

Reason for job change

In my 12th year of working in a large Japanese medical device firm, I took a year and half of maternal and parental leave. I then returned to work with the same position, however, balancing work and home with a baby in a non-remote work environment was tougher than expected. Since the company did not have a remote work environment, I decided to change my job.

BRS reminded me of the long-term career goal

I liked my marketing job, however, to realize the desired change in my work style, I thought it would be difficult to find the similar job in the same industry. My husband worked almost fully remote and I did not want to keep all the house keeping and childcare on his shoulders only. Therefore, I signed up with three different career services, including BRS.

Several agents reached out to me with different jobs, however, most of them had much lower salaries, limited levels of work, or were actually completely different roles. Some were even jobs in completely different industries. Yet, my priority was to change my work style, so I kept on applying.

When I spoke with a BRS consultant, he asked what I thought about my career and what kind of jobs I wanted to do in 5 or 10 years time. Then I realized that I did not even have the long-term view of my career, as I felt rushed to change the work environment.

Calming down, I did not need to be in such a rush for the job change, thanks to my husband who had the remote environment. My consultant told me that I should take a little more time to make my job change into something positive. I felt grateful and hopeful when I heard that he wants to support me find the possibilities that would lead to my future career.

4 months after the start of my job search, I was able to find myself in a large foreign-capital medical device manufacturer, in a product marketing position. This change not only enabled me to work remotely and with flex hours, but I could also realize my career progression.