Meet our consultants

Emi Iida

Senior Manager, Accounting and Finance


Emi began her journey with BRS in 2017, transitioning from a role in language school sales to becoming a seasoned career advisor in Accounting & Finance. Currently serving as a Senior Manager, she leads the Accounting & Finance team and personally handles positions ranging from mid to senior level.

Outside of work, Emi finds joy in culinary pursuits and staying active, recently taking up spin cycling.

Languages: Japanese, English
From Ibaraki, Japan
Awards: BRS MVT 2023, BRS MVP 2023 Q2 & Q4, and more

Addressing the needs and benefits of our candidates is of utmost importance to us.

At BRS, we prioritize the requirements of our candidates, providing tailored support that fits their busy schedules. I am committed to my thorough approach, focusing on extracting strengths and offering personalized guidance.

Regardless of whether it results in an immediate job change, I always strive to engage with each individual thoughtfully. Perhaps because of this approach, it is common for me to receive career inquiries from individuals I connected with years ago, or to receive job inquiries from those I have previously assisted in transitions.


Our conversations are not solely about immediate job transitions. They serve to explore the market and confirm your position within it. Opportunities can arise unexpectedly, and we're here to assist you in navigating them. Please feel free to reach out and expand your possibilities!