Interview tips

A successful interview depends on numerous factors, including thorough preparation, practice, and in-depth research. Here are some essential points to consider when preparing for your interview.

Interview tips

Point 1

Understand culture differences

Differences in culture must be considered when preparing for your interview. Your answers in English should not be a direct translation of the answers that you would give in Japanese, and vice versa. It is important to develop and harmonize your answers to the cultural background of the interviewer, as they may recieve information differently.

Point 2

Be aware of the intent behind the question

It is important to identify the intent behind the interviewer's questions. A commonly asked question by Japanese interviewers is, the interviewee's reason for applying. Foreign interviewers ask similar questions, but tend to expect different answers.

For this question, Japanese interviewers anticipate answers that describe what attracted the interviewee to the company, while foreign interviewers expect an explanation of how they can contribute to the company.

As this example illustrates, though some questions may appear to be the same, the intent behind it may change how you deliver your message. The consultants at BRS will guide you through the interview process and prepare you for each job interview.

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