The hiring process

The hiring process at BRS begins at sign up, and ends at onboarding. Here are the 7 steps from start to finish.

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    Sign up

    Sign up here to get started. The more information you register, the higher the chances of a BRS consultant being able to match you with your ideal job. All of our services are provided free of charge.

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    Search and apply

    Begin searching for jobs and apply to any that interest you. Click here to begin your search. You will be contacted by the consultant responsible for the job after they confirm that you meet all requirements for the position. Consultants may also contact you to propose other openings that they believe cater to your needs and experiences.

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    Consult in a BRS consultant

    As your application is being processed, a BRS consultant will either have an in-person or remote meeting with you, to clarify your current situation and to deeply understand your career aspirations or what you want to acheive through the job change.

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    Recieve information on job openings

    Consultants will search for other positions that you may find appealing and share them with you. These searches will be conducted based on the information you share.

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    Paper screening and interviews

    Your application will be personally submitted to each company by the responsible consultant for screening. Consultants will also provide feedback and tips on how to improve your résumé / CV, and how to prepare for interviews.

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    Offers and onboarding

    When the company likes what they see and are ready to make an offer, BRS will work tirelessly with you to negotiate the best possible terms with your future employer.
    We will also offer guidance to assist with your leaving your previous employer in a professional and amicable manner.

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    Our support continues even after you join

    BRS will help with the transition, provide continuing consultation as you start your new role and remain in contact as your career develops. Feel free to reach out to us at any time.

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