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    Job number: Job-00267126 Posted: 2024-04-18


    6 - 8.5 million yen Tokyo Sales & Marketing Merchandising / VMD

    Company overview
    Our client is a global sportswear brand.

    Felisia Gunawan
    Felisia Gunawan
    Sales & Marketing
  • Job number: Job-00266326 Posted: 2024-04-15

    Head of Merchandising

    Toys and entertainment company
    19 - 22 million yen Tokyo Sales & Marketing Merchandising / VMD

    Company overview
    Our Client is a major US Consumer Goods/Retail Company.
    Divisional Director/Merchandising is a senior role on the Leadership Team in our Company and is Chief Merchant for the Japan business.
    Main responsibilities:
    Provide leadership to position the Japan business as a leading retail company in Japan with sustainable growth for long term success of the business.
    Establish long range goals, strategic initiatives and objectives with metrics and ensures the execution of the merchandise plans across all categories.
    Develop and maintain good relationship with major vendors by leading a negotiation of major vendor agreements and quarterly reviews with major vendors.
    Manage financial performance, including EBITDA, Sales, Net Margin, Receipt Margin %, Quality of Inventory, Vendor Allowances, Market share and Turnover.
    Drives customer-centric culture and builds a strong results-oriented team who work collaboratively and innovates for growth.
    Develop teams that serve as a platform for sustainable growth of our business.
    Strategy/PlanningDrive results including EBITDA, Sales, Net Margin %, Quality of Inventory, Vendor Allowances, Market share and Turnover.
    Develop a strategy for business that considers target customer, market research, current and future trends, past performance and corporate direction.
    Partner with Heads of Marketing and Store Planning on marketing strategies including the implementation of customer centric store planning and merchandising guidelines.
    Drive growth in sales, total merchandise margin and market share and continuously introduce new brands and new ranges for future growth. Also, develop and lead merchandise division aggressively as a team to maximize financials.
    Facilitate awareness of changing merchandise opportunities, trends and competition
    Lead the teams to develop assortment strategies by business to meet overall strategic objectives including evaluating and/or developing product lines and sourcing new products.
    Drive on-line sales and business and be an active business partner and driver with the eCommerce and Store Ops team.
    Partner with Heads of Marketing and Store Planning to manage Ad and Flyer planning, strategy, themes and conduct weekly flyer reviews and approval.
    Develop and leverage strong Vendor relationships.
    Participate in Vendor performance reviews and business development plans.

    TalentCoach and lead the team to play to win.
    Develop the team and build a pool of talent for succession planning by providing team members with the coaching, tools, resources and experiences they need to develop and grow.
    Be an active participant in the Sales, Merchandise and Marketing portion of the Leadership Team meetings, facilitating and leading change.
    Participate in global projects and other corporate initiatives.
    Manage the Merchandising organization to support a customer centric organization and become more productive and customer focused in the placement of merchandise in the store and efficient buying processes.

    Decision Making and Performance ManagementMake the decisive decision for the best interest of the business where his/her Merchandising’s decision is required due to the significance and/or urgency of the decision.
    Ensure the quality and timely decision is made for the matters requires Managing Director’s decision by driving the right process with a sound proposal and necessary discussions among leadership team members
    Visit stores and competitors on a regular basis and actively listen to store feedback, solicit input and be responsive to the opportunities for performance improvement.
    Ensure that we always conduct our business with utmost integrity and manage our relationship with vendors and other business partners based on a fair and long-term partnership.
    Demonstrate the principle that the decision should be made at the right level of the organization where we have the most accurate and timely information and actions are being taken.
    Execute rigorous performance management process within Merchandising team to maximize the performance of the business, provide team members with timely and constructive feedback, and make necessary adjustment in the plan to address performance gaps.
    Reinforce the right consequences being made to the performance on a timely basis to motivate people in the right behavior and better performance.

    CommunicationEnsure that the entire Merchandising team understands the vision, strategic direction and business plan with the reason and rationale behind them so that they can execute initiatives with confidence to achieve the goals at all levels of the team.
    Work in collaboration with internal and global business partners (Marketing, Operations, Store Planning team) to ensure the execution of merchandising strategies and achievement of financial targets.
    Communicate through Team meetings to ensure entire team is well informed of company direction and aware of changes that may affect responsibilities

    Innovation/Process ImprovementChampion culture of innovation by always challenging the conventional wisdom and demanding quantum leap in everything we do in Merchandising team.
    Drive process improvement in buying, negotiating and any other business processes we manage to achieve higher productivity and quality of our work.
    Ensure that Merchandising team has necessary resources and capability to drive innovation and process improvement as opposed to just manage status quo.

    Grace Rejante
    Grace Rejante
    Sales & Marketing
  • Job number: Job-00259653 Posted: 2024-04-11

    Merchandiser for Footwear

    Swiss outdoor sports brand
    6 - 7 million yen Tokyo Sales & Marketing Merchandising / VMD

    Company overview
    Main responsibilities:
    Create and build up Japan Footwear and Hardware (Packs and Bags)
    Merchandising strategy, JP Whole product line and DTC channel product line.
    DTC channel Footwear and Hardware products Seasonal buying support.
    Create initial products (Footwear and Hardware) marketing plan.
    Create Footwear and Hardware sales forecast.
    JP Whole Footwear and Hardware products Seasonal buying according to demand
    Seasonal JP GTM execution support.
    Seasonal SMU plan execution support.
    Analyzing market trend and expect future market opportunities.
    Analyzing product performance in DTC channels and B2B channels by each
    Good knowledge of comapny products and competitor products.
    Grace Rejante
    Grace Rejante
    Sales & Marketing
  • Job number: Job-00255006 Posted: 2024-04-11

    Merchandiser | マーチャンダイザー

    Be the go-to person for all product related matters
    6 - 7.5 million yen Tokyo Sales & Marketing Merchandising / VMD

    Company overview
    The company, the parent company of the companies based in Europe and the United States, is the outdoor sportswear manufacturer.
    The Product Merchandiser for Footwear (men’s, women’s, and youth) will drive the product line management and marketplace strategies for the company's Footwear business in the Japan wholesale and DTC channels. As an industry, category & market expert, the job is to be the go-to person for all product related matters. Primary responsibility will be to liaise with the sales team, production management team and marketing, and be the voice of our market. Building good relationships and collaborating with US headquarters is a must.
    Main responsibilities:
    Build compelling briefs and storytelling for our consumers with a strong product foresight and deep product experience
    Build and implement the line plan for the product line that supports the category’s seasonal strategies and delivers growth
    Work closely with the external design & development vendors for Japan market exclusive items, managing resources to complete the seasonal product strategies, assortments, and business needs
    Build and sustain positive relationships with key cross functional teams (Sales, Marketing, Planning) and global partners
    Present the seasonal product line to internal & external stakeholders effectively in multifaceted settings
    Performs other duties as assigned
    Grace Rejante
    Grace Rejante
    Sales & Marketing
  • Job number: Job-00255238 Posted: 2024-03-25

    Product Planner | 製品計画

    4.3 - 6 million yen Tokyo Sales & Marketing Merchandising / VMD

    Company overview
    Our Client is specializing in televised home shopping.
    Grace Rejante
    Grace Rejante
    Sales & Marketing
  • Job number: Job-00264054 Posted: 2024-02-21


    6 - 9 million yen Tokyo Sales & Marketing Merchandising / VMD

    Company overview
    Our client is a leading Japanese internet services and e-commerce company. They offer innovative technology and customer-centric services that range from online shopping to internet banking, and serves a diverse user base that extends beyond Japan.
    Emi Iida
    Emi Iida
    Accounting & Finance

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