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    Job number: Job-00255262 Posted: 2023-09-25

    Engine Buyer | エンジンバイヤー

    Pursue cost efficiency to give products a competitive edge
    6 - 8 million yen Tokyo Supply Chain Management Buyer / Merchandizing

    Company overview
    Our Client is a manufacturers of heavy duty trucks and buses.
    Driven by the vision of creating the benchmark Supplier Networks and Supply chain solutions, we at Truck and Bus Procurement work closely with innovative suppliers to bring the next generation of technology within our products. Our key contribution includes working towards sustainable cost efficiency to provide a competitive edge to our products and businesses.  Main responsibilities:
    You will have continuous interaction with your colleagues and business partners fromall over the world in other procurement units.
    You will work towards scouting for new-suppliers within the emerging markets to challenge the competitiveness of your incumbent suppliers.
    You will work collaboratively with people from other departments and bring our ideas to reality.
    You will work with clear savings targets and precise project timelines.
    You are the captain of your own ship! You decide how you want to collaborate with other teams and chart the plan for your initiatives. 
    As a powertrain procurement buyer, we drive sustainable supply solutions that meet cost, quality, and delivery requirements for your component parts.
    We negotiate with suppliers based in other markets to ensure benchmark cost, quality and delivery times.
    Exploring new suppliers and new technologies to challenge the competitiveness of existing suppliers.
    Collaborate with other departments to realize cost reduction ideas.
    Work with clear cost objectives and detailed project timelines to achieve target costs and timelines for new product projects.
    Matilda Peters
    Matilda Peters
    Supply Chain Management
  • Job number: Job-00244471 Posted: 2023-09-11

    Commodity Buyer(SW)

    5 - 7.5 million yen Saitama Supply Chain Management Buyer / Merchandizing

    Company overview
    The company is the most recently created Business Group of the global automotive technology leader company, specializes in electronics, software & artificial intelligence for personalized user experiences.
    You will take part in developing and execute a logistic sourcing strategy for categories in the above to achieve best possible total cost of ownership / stable part supply with / by
    Early involvement in development phase of products development and execution of strategy for assigned categories based on assessment of R&D's current and future needs / analysis of market trend
    Alignment with procurement organization to set up best logistics for stable part supply •
    Driving VAVE activities after mass productions
    Collaboration with other team members in other FCE sites
    Handling of EOL (end of life), ECN (engineering change notice), PCN (prooduct change notice) after mass production Supplier Account Manager activities
    As a part of global team (China, Thai, Europe and North America), you will be responsible for negotiation with assigned suppliers for all FCE business with them globally.
    Takahisa Hitotsumatsu
    Takahisa Hitotsumatsu
    Supply Chain Management
  • Job number: Job-00081822 Posted: 2023-08-31


    5 - 15 million yen Tokyo Supply Chain Management Buyer / Merchandizing

    Company overview
    Our client sells low-priced casual clothing.
    Yuya Migita
    Yuya Migita
  • Job number: Job-00252702 Posted: 2023-08-01

    Account sales for overseas semiconductor products

    5.5 - 7.5 million yen Other Supply Chain Management Buyer / Merchandizing

    Company overview
    Our client is the largest global distributor.
    Delivered products of German semiconductor manufacturers.
    In cooperation with the supplier's Japanese subsidiary, you will manage the delivery date of the product to the customer. 
    We provide global support in cooperation with our overseas subsidiaries, not only for our customers' bases in Japan, but also for their overseas bases.
    Matilda Peters
    Matilda Peters
    Supply Chain Management

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