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    Job number: Job-00247732 Posted: 2024-06-18

    プロダクト マネジャー部長

    Top share is connector and sensor sales
    11 - 14 million yen Kanagawa Automotive Marketing

    Company overview
    Our client stands at the forefront of the connectivity solutions industry on a global scale. With a strong focus on innovation, they provide cutting-edge connector and sensor products, as well as other advanced technological solutions. Their exceptional portfolio caters to a wide range of fields including automotive, telecommunications, industrial equipment, healthcare, and energy, positioning them as the top choice in the market.
    日本/ASEAN市場の自動車OEM/Tier 1/ハーネスメーカーへ製品軸でのプロダクトマネジメント業務商品戦略、商品企画、製品ポートフォリオ管理、価値・売上の最大化、拡販戦略、PLM、成長戦略等の策定、立案、及び実行
    数ある要求の中から、市場状況、将来性、市場サイズを把握し、優先順位をつけ製品開発戦略を策定し、開発戦略を元に、新規開発の企画/提案を行い、拡販戦略に基づき売上・収益成長を目指す。 プロジェクト関係部門(プロジェクト マネジャー/営業/技術/製造など)と連携し製品化を推進する。
    製品拡販を目指したプライシング マネジメント。
    製品リリースからEOL(End of Life)までのプロダクト ライフサイクル管理を行い、注力製品でのビジネス拡大を目指す。
    Yoshinari Kiryu
    Yoshinari Kiryu
  • Job number: Job-00266685 Posted: 2024-06-10

    Marketing Specialist (Senior Staff)

    8 - 10 million yen Tokyo Automotive Marketing

    Company overview
    Our client is a Japanese semiconductor manufacturer that provides products such as microcontrollers and system LSIs. Our offerings are utilized across a wide range of applications including embedded systems, automotive, industrial equipment, and home electronics. Particularly in the automotive sector, it supplies technologies like in-vehicle microcontrollers, driver assistance systems, and vehicle networks, contributing to the development of advanced vehicle electronics. Additionally, we develop products aimed at improving energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact, contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.
    The System and Solution Team (SST) is chartered to develop solutions for our customers using the entire portfolio of products in collaboration with Sales and Marketing organization and Business Units. We are a global and multi-disciplinary team with in-depth knowledge of our broad portfolio ranging from microcontrollers and microprocessors, connectivity, memory, analog, power and everything in between. SST provides solutions to customers ranging from block diagrams and architectures all the way to working proof of concept designs, depending on what level of integration and support a customer requires. These solutions can be used by our customers as a reference solution or to shorten the Time-To-Market.
    Main responsibilities:
    SST is seeking a motivated and experienced Partner Manager to take our solutions to the next level.
    This person will play a pivotal role in expanding our ecosystem of IP/module partners and independent design houses.
    You will be responsible for identifying, collaborating with, and influencing partners to use the company's components, either for their own designs or as a pass-through to end customers building new products.
    You will lead the execution of go-to-market strategies with various partners to create unique and innovative solutions.
    In this role, you will have the overall responsibility to select and manage the different types of partners the company should be engaged with, and to maximize the usage of the company's content with these partners and vice versa.
    For our partners, our company should be the first semiconductor partner they use when developing solutions for customers, and you will be the main person to drive this mental shift.
    Yoshinari Kiryu
    Yoshinari Kiryu
  • Job number: Job-00258549 Posted: 2024-01-30

    Chief Digital Officer, Senior Manager

    Subsidiary to an internationally known conglomerate
    10 - 13 million yen Tokyo Automotive Marketing

    Company overview
    We are a finance company within the group of a major overseas automotive manufacturer. Within this group, known for its luxury vehicles, we offer various finance programs to customers purchasing high-brand cars. Additionally, we provide finance programs for authorized dealerships of this brand line.
    Mission of the Digital & Mobility Solution UnitCollect digital data on customers' online and offline behavior and combine it with information on car value and car services. We aim to provide mobility services online that meet the individual needs of our customers.
    Main responsibilities:
    Overall management of business and process digitalization at companyDigitization of business processes at company and authorized dealers
    Digitization of business processes in comapny and importers
    Digitization of business processes at authorized dealers and end customers
    Overall supervision of both development and sales promotion (promotion of usage)

    DX project - role of leaderCompile requirements based on marketing knowledge and customer understanding, and lead the project in collaboration with the domestic IT department and headquarters to realize the optimal customer journey for the Japanese market.
    Collaborate with other group companies and authorized dealers in Japan to develop systems to realize replacement purchases and cross-selling, and lead marketing activities using Salesforce.

    Dianna Antenucci
    Dianna Antenucci
    Sales & Marketing
  • Job number: Job-00246741 Posted: 2024-01-16


    9.5 - 12 million yen Tokyo Automotive Marketing

    Company overview
    We provide products, services, and mobility technology related to automobiles. We offer technology and solutions to automobile manufacturers and related industries, supporting performance improvement, safety, and environmental considerations. Moreover, we focus on developing advanced technology and innovative products, positioning ourselves as one of the leading companies in the automotive industry. As an independent global supplier, we serve automotive and motorcycle manufacturers worldwide, consistently engaging in cutting-edge technology development. We can handle both domestic and international clients, expanding our opportunities to contribute globally.
    Misato Aiba
    Misato Aiba

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