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  • Job number: Job-00240687 Posted: 2023-03-01

    Legal & Compliance Counsel

    Legal role @ global bio-pharma company
    10 - 16 million yen Tokyo Legal & Compliance Compliance

    Company overview
    Our client is a global healthcare company.
    Enable business leaders of the company(Japan) to make intelligent risk taking and achieve growth objectives in all aspects of business activities (e.g., Research & Development, new product launch, marketing, sales, distribution, production, business development, digitalization, human relations, external communications), including any innovative approaches, based on clear-eyed assessments of risk and rewards while protecting the company from major legal, compliance, and reputational risks. Cover one or more LoB (We call people managers “Line of Business”) and provide the LoB with various legal and compliance supports including consultation, advising, communication material review, and training. Solve problems and address business matter by utilizing expertise on laws, regulations and industry codes regarding the business (e.g., contract, tort, intellectual property including patents, corporate, fair competition, data protection, digital and digitization, pharma regulation, labour and employment, anti-bribery, product safety, complaint handling, litigation and other dispute resolution). These tasks often involve coordination with local and global stakeholders.
     Supporting the digital agenda and digital projects together with e.g., the digital office and IT at the company. This would include the uncovering of emerging trends and enabling new business models, such as new digital ways of reaching stakeholders, including patients, partnering with external digital parties, and increasing exposure to external innovation ecosystems and insights. Focusing on data privacy and personal data protection, as well as other legal and compliance aspects. Contracting: Advising on, drafting, reviewing, and approving, and negotiating on various types of contracts (e.g., clinical trial, post market study, investigator sponsored study, joint research, wholesaler and distribution, employment, procurement, alliance and partnerships) to enable business leaders to achieve growth initiatives while protecting the company from major legal, compliance, and reputational risks.
    Lead and conduct investigations on compliance related allegations or concerns including (i) case reporting through Compliance Hotline system, (ii) interviewing, (iii) investigation memo drafting and (iv) informing and managing global stakeholders
    Plan, lead, and execute the implementation of the requirements of local regulations and the group’s global policies through coordination with local and global stakeholders.
    Identify opportunities for optimizing existing processes and policies, and plan, lead, and execute optimization projects (digitization, automation, and simplification) to achieve more simplicity and agility for both Legal & Compliance team and business leaders while maintaining required level of control. Also, nurturing compliance culture, live the value of “open & honest” and “do the right thing,” nurture such mindset among all employees, and create such an environment.
    Cindy Wong
    Cindy Wong
    Human Resources

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