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  • Job number: Job-00215788 Posted: 2024-06-20

    Customer Excellence Manager - ASPAC

    International Company
    7.5 - 10 million yen Tokyo Chemical Marketing

    Company overview
    We specialize in the development and marketing of lubricant products. In particular, we are widely known in the field of automotive and industrial oils and greases, offering high performance products. We also pursue innovative technologies and environmentally friendly products to maximize engine efficiency and extend equipment life. Furthermore, we cooperate with automobile and industrial machinery manufacturers around the world and are trusted for our advanced technology and quality control. Our product lineup includes engine oils, gear oils, and cooling fluids to meet diverse needs. In addition, we offer customized solutions to meet customer needs and always aim to provide the best service.
    Drive a customer-centric culture across the PU
    Define and own the Customer Service Agreement (CSA) and customer management framework for the market - taking into account customer requirements, benchmarking and external best practice
    Create a common framework and guardrails for how we reach customers and manage customer relationships
    Design of Customer interfaces and Experience across the customer journey
    Developing and documenting sales / business operational processes, best practice and tools to enable continuous improvement. (lead to contract, O2C, key account management planning, prospecting & pipeline management, complaint management)
    Own customer communications framework for the PU
    Using Customer Heartbeat results, LCF and other techniques (e.g. journey maps), work cross-functionally to define, deliver and evolve the customer experience
    Provides recommendation for Sales Incentive Plan recommendation linked to RTM strategy and customer offer deliverables
    Drive sales enablement
    Manage the GBS(and/or other suppliers) and cross-functional interfaces - roadmap for activity transition, SLAs for delivery, end to end process integrity
    Yuya Migita
    Yuya Migita
  • Job number: Job-00238140 Posted: 2023-06-15

    Tendering and Quotation Specialist

    6 - 9 million yen Tokyo Chemical Marketing

    Company overview
    We provide industrial robots, electrical equipment, and automation technology. We mainly provide solutions aimed at automating factories and plants, saving energy, and improving efficiency, thereby helping to increase productivity in a variety of industrial sectors. We focus on providing customized solutions to meet our customers\' needs using the latest technologies and innovations.
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    Shusuke Motomatsu
    Shusuke Motomatsu

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