Meet our consultants

Yang Xu

Manager, In-House IT


Yang Xu came to Japan in 2014. Following his graduation from Sophia University Graduate School, he worked in sales at a specialized trading company before joining BRS in 2022.
expertise in the in-house IT sector, he now serves as a manager, supervising various IT industry roles.
Outside of work, he enjoys traveling both domestically and internationally.

Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese 
From Jiangsu Province, China 
Awards: BRS MVP 2023, MVT 2023 Q4, Director’s Award 2022 

Dedicated to Helping You Achieve Your Ideal Career Path.


I am dedicated to offering genuine support to job seekers. I meticulously examine resumes and research the companies candidates have been a part of to grasp their career goals and suggest the best fitting positions. 


Given the specialized nature of the industry I manage, the retention rate is generally high. Therefore, many of the candidates who come to me have strong career aspirations that have led them to decide on making a career move. That is why I ensure to verify with hiring companies whether these desired outcomes are achievable. 

I also consider it important to align with companies' perspectives. I ensure that I understand their needs and share market trends with them to clarify the essential priorities for talent, enabling us to identify the most suitable candidates. This approach has resulted in successful placements, where candidates have been hired and excelled afterward, despite limited initial industry experience, by prioritizing relevant skills.  


I offer valuable insights into aspects that are often difficult to access, such as company culture, details about hiring managers, and interview tips, empowering you to make more informed decisions. You can rely on my support until you discover a fulfilling career path, so please feel free to reach out to me.