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Concerning the Handling of Personal Information for the Services

Concerning the Handling of Personal Information for the Services 
Personal Information that the users provide the Company in relation to Bilingual Recruitment Solutions services (Services) are to be handled as follows. These Regulations must be read and understood before the Services can be used. 
1. The name of the Company 
2. A person in charge of Personal Information protection 
Corporate Headquarters, CPO
3. Purpose of use of Personal Information 
The Company aggregates and uses personal information collected from users ("Personal Information") only for purposes within the scope stipulated below. 
(1) Introduction of appropriate job offers and provision of job offer information 
(2) Provision of information to employer corporations in order to achieve introduction of appropriate job offers and provision of job offer information. 
(3) Provision of service offerings incidental to the Services 
(4) Dissemination of various mail magazines incidental to the Services and mail dissemination for the provision of information 
(5) Surveys about the status of service usage by users and usage results. 
(6) Surveys about users' opinions and desires for the purpose of enhancing the quality of the Services. 
(7) Provision of information about the services offered by the Company and information about questionnaires and campaigns. 
(8) Marketing activities to improve convenience of the Company’s website and for enhancements of the Services quality. 
(9) Provision of supports and advices to employer corporations regarding recruitment activities. 
(10) Distributing any advertisements or contents on the Company’s website and third parties websites based on users attribute information, accessing history, and devices information. 
(11) Analyzing for the appropriate employment referrals and provision of offer information. 
Notably, telephone inquiries from users and telephone calls made to users by the Company will be in certain instances voice recorded in order to retain an accurate record of the content of the communication, to reconfirm the conversation for later reference and to enhance the quality of telephone communication. 
4. Provision of the personal information 
(1) The Company makes personal information available to employer corporations for the purposes within the scope specified in Item 2 of Article 3 Purpose of Personal Information as follows. 
(2) Provision of information to employer corporations in order to achieve introduction of appropriate job offers and provision of job offer information. 
-Provide for:  Recruiting corporations 
-Purpose of provision:  To provide the Services 
-Information provided:  users name, date of birth, contact, age, gender, the latest educational background, present or former occupation, occupation summary, working conditions, present annual income, desiring annual income, desiring conditions and any other information. 
-Method to provide:  via secured website by encryption etc. or via e-mail 
(3) Except for the preceding paragraph and the following cases, the Company will never provide personal information to third parties without prior consent of users. 
a.    Cases in which the provision of personal information is based on laws and regulations 
b.    Cases in which the provision of personal information is necessary for the protection of the life, body, or property of an individual and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the users 
c.    Cases in which the provision of is specially necessary for improving public health or promoting the sound growth of children and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the users 
5. Outsourcing of personal information processing 
In instances of outsourcing of a part of or all of the personal information handling operations to external service providers the Company will at its responsibility select service providers that satisfy personal information protection levels and enforce upon such service providers compliance with appropriate personal information handling. 
6. Disclosure, correction, and deletion of personal information and information provided 
(1) Requests for correction or deletion of personal information must be effected by users themselves by sending a request to the general inquiry contact person at For inquiries concerning the said procedures the contact provided in Article 19 of the Bilingual Recruitment Solutions Terms of Use is available. 
(2) Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, if requested by users, the Company shall notify users of the purpose of use, shall disclose, correct, add or delete the personal information, shall discontinue using or delete retained personal information or shall suspend providing retained personal information to the third party (collectively Disclosures) in accordance with its procedural rules. When users requests Disclosure, users will contact to the desk specified in Article 10 Contact for inquiries concerning personal information protection in this terms. It should be noted, however, that some requests by users may not be implemented if such requests affect the Company’s business. 
(3) Personal information provided by the Company to employer corporations under the Article 3 Purpose of use of Personal Information ("Provided Information") is subject to personal information management pursuant to the rules of the information-receiving employer corporations and is not controlled by the Company. Consequently, with respect to personal information already provided by the Company to employer corporations, users seeking Disclosure shall make requests directly with the subject employer corporations. 
7. Voluntariness of users provision of the personal information 
While the provision of personal information to the Company is voluntary, the Company may not be able to provide sufficient Service if the personal information requested by the Company is not provided or if the provided information is deficient. 
8. Collection of the personal information by the methods hard to be recognized by users 
(1) Cookies 
In the Company’s website, the Company uses Cookies to collect information for the purpose of enhancements of the Services, to manage store and connect sessions and to improve convenience and utilize the statistic data. The Company also uses the third-party Cookies to measure the efficiency of the advertisements. 
Additionally, the Company uses the Cookies to optimize and display the most efficient advertisements on the third party’s websites, based on the information such as users interests or accessing history under the advertising distribution contracts with the third party. 
While user may disable Cookies the settings of the devices browser, disabling Cookies may prevent the users from using certain parts of the Services. Users can see the manuals of its browser to manage the Cookie. 
(2) Access Information 
In the Company’s website, the Company collects the users accessing history using Web-beacon of its own or provided by a third party. 
9. Change to the regulations of Concerning the Handling of Personal Information for the Services 
The Company reserves the right to review these Regulations and update them as needed at any time except as otherwise provided in the law or relating regulations. The updated Regulations should be posted for the period of (1) month on the Sites before the effective date, and all users, except those who have asked the Company to delete their personal information during said period, are deemed to have agreed to the updated regulations. 
10. Contact for inquiries concerning personal information protection 
Intelligence DODA Customer Center
Supplemental provisions: 
Enacted June 1, 2012 
Update effective October 17, 2012 
Update effective March 1, 2016