Handling of personal information for internal hiring

Personal information which is in the possession of PERSOL CAREER during recruitment activities will be handled as follows:

1. Name of business operator

27F, Marunouchi Building, 2-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
President and Representative Director Yu Senoo

2. Personal information protection manager

Executive General Manager, Corporate Division

3. Purpose of use of personal information

PERSOL CAREER obtains and uses personal information only to the extent necessary to achieve the following purposes.
Personal information obtained by PERSOL CAREER will be used only for the purpose of internship and recruiting and screening activities of PERSOL CAREER, and will not be used for any other purpose.

• Holding interviews and providing information to help you understand PERSOL CAREER or deepen your interest in “Work”
• Providing notice and information about seminars, company guidance sessions, internships, and other recruiting-related events to help you understand PERSOL CAREER deeper (“Events”)
• Using in Events management by PERSOL CAREER (* related only to Events participants)
• Providing notice and information about the recruiting and screening activities of PERSOL CAREER
• Using in the recruiting and screening activities of PERSOL CAREER (such as adjusting interview schedules; sending necessary documents; screening; determining conditions for employment; sending notifications relating to recruiting and screening activities; necessary discussions and examinations for appropriate personnel exchanges or(secondment arrangements between group companies)

* From foreign nationals, PERSOL CAREER will obtain information about their resident status and qualifications for employment in Japan in order to know if they are permitted to find jobs in Japan. From individuals who have disability certificates, PERSOL CAREER may collect information about the type, grade, details of their disabilities for use in determining whether they are fit for the types of work they are looking for.

• Producing and actually posting contents to be posted on websites, pamphlets, online videos and other media and productions (“Contents”)
• Providing notice about education, training, etc. for pre-hires, and information about various onboarding procedures
• Using in post-onboarding employment management in general
• Using in keeping accurate records of and reviewing telephone conversations (including online meetings), and in improving the quality of our responses

* In the case of notifications from you or us by telephone, via an online conference system or otherwise, the conversations may be recoded.

• Using for analysis, statistic processing, and machine learning for the purpose of improving the recruiting activities of PERSOL CAREER
• Seeking your cooperation in investigations etc. related to the recruiting activities of PERSOL CAREER

Please note that PERSOL CAREER will obtain usage log information such as cookies, terminal information, IP address, attributes information, geolocation information, advertising ID, and behavior history (such as the history of opening emails, clicking links, and viewing websites). PERSOL CAREER will refer to these items of information along with other personal information in its possession, and use it for the following purposes.

• Providing information that may be of interest to you
• Improving the recruiting activities of PERSOL CAREER
• Selecting target individuals for investigation etc.

PERSOL CAREER will also share the information as follows to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use specified above.

<Items of personal information to be shared>
The resume, career history documents and other general information relating to recruiting submitted online or by email or postal mail at the time of application, and information obtained during interviews

<Sharing companies>

<Purpose of use by the sharing companies>
To conduct necessary discussions and examinations to ensure appropriate personnel exchanges or secondment arrangements between group companies

<Personal information protection manager of use by the sharing companies>
PERSOL CAREER CO., LTD. Personal information protection manager: Executive General Manager, Corporate Division

4. Application documents

Please note that application documents submitted to and in the possession of PERSOL CAREER will not be returned.

5. Providing information to third parties

If individuals who received notice and information about screening for employment through direct recruiting services join PERSOL CAREER as a result of the screening, their personal information may be provided to third parties as follows. To know if this provision applies to you or not, please read the terms of use for the services you are using, or contact the person in charge of recruitment at PERSOL CAREER.

<Third party recipient of information>
Direct recruitment service companies

<Purpose of provision>
To perform our obligations under agreements with the service provider

<Information to be provided>
The matters contained in the notice of working conditions or historical records of PERSOL CAREER’s interaction with the individual (including such historical records other than those related to such service) which are designated by the relevant service provider

<Means of provision>
The method designated by the relevant service provider (if no particular method is designated, then, either via a web system or email made confidential by encryption or otherwise)

In any other cases, personal information will not be disclosed to third parties except with the individual's consent and except as otherwise pursuant to laws and regulations.

6. Outsourcing of information handling

When outsourcing personal information handling in whole or in part, information will be entrusted to those selected outsourcing vendors that can guarantee sufficient standards of personal information protection, and have entered into a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

7. Disclosure/Amendment/Deletion etc.

PERSOL CAREER process regulations are complied with to promptly handle the following: Announcements of purposes of use, disclosures, disclosure of a record of provision of personal information to third parties, amendments/additions or deletions, suspensions of use/elimination pertaining to personal information, and in cases where requests are received to halt providing information to third parties. Furthermore, there may be cases when it may not be possible to handle requests in situations which hinder PERSOL CAREER business activities.

8. Optional provision of personal information and consequences of opt-out decision

Provision of personal information is optional. However, if personal information that is asked for by PERSOL CAREER is not provided, or if an application document is deficient, it may have some effects on subsequent communications or other processes.

9. Personal information gathering that uses methods to make it difficult to identify individual respondents themselves

• External transmission of user data
The websites of PERSOL CAREER CO., LTD. transmit customer data to use services provided by third parties.
Please see here for detailed information about the external transmission of user data.
External transmission of user data

• Access information
This Web Site obtains information about site visitors' access history by using web beacons etc. of PERSOL CAREER or external corporations.
However, absolutely no linking of such information with information to identify specific individuals takes place.

• Security cameras
For crime protection, security cameras in the company office and its surroundings record videos.
However, absolutely no linking of recorded videos with information to identify specific individuals takes place except in cases involved in a crime.

10. Point of contact for personal information handling related complaints/consultations/requests for disclosure etc.

[New graduates]
PERSOL CAREER CO., LTD. New graduates Division
E-mail : pca-newgraduate@persol.co.jp
TEL : 03-6385-6833

[Mid-career recruitment]
PERSOL CAREER CO., LTD. Mid-career recruitment Division
E-mail : persolcareer-saiyo@persol.co.jp
TEL : 03-4564-9594

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