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Concerning the Handling of Personal Information for Internal Hiring

【Personal Information Handling in Recruitment Activities】

Personal information which is in the possession of PERSOL CAREER during recruitment activities will be handled as follows:

1. Name of business operator: PERSOL CAREER CO., LTD.

2. Personal information protection manager: Executive General Manager, Corporate Division

3. Purpose of use of personal information

PERSOL CAREER collects and uses personal information only to the extent necessary to achieve the following purposes.
Personal information collected by PERSOL CAREER will be used only for the purpose of internship and recruiting and screening activities of PERSOL CAREER, and will not be used for any other purpose.

(A) Giving notice of a seminar and a company guidance session to deepen understanding about PERSOL CAREER;
(B) Providing applicants with information on the internship of PERSOL CAREER;
(C) Using as materials for the internship of PERSOL CAREER;
(D) Providing notice and information regarding PERSOL CAREER’s recruitment and screening; and
(E) Using for screening decision in recruitment and for making contact and notice in relation thereto.

Please note that telephone conversation may be recorded when we receive calls for inquiry or we make contact from PERSOL CAREER for the purpose of keeping record of accurate information and using for future improvement of our staff response to telephone inquiries.

4. Control and management
Personal information that is in the possession of PERSOL CAREER will be strictly controlled under the responsibility of PERSOL CAREER so as to prevent any inappropriate handling. Upon completion of recruitment activities of PERSOL CAREER, personal information will be discarded or deleted properly under the responsibility of PERSOL CAREER. Please note that application documents submitted to and in the possession of PERSOL CAREER will not be returned.

5. Providing information to third parties
PERSOL CAREER will not disclose any personal information to a third party without the individual’s consent except in any of the following events:
(A) If personal information is provided pursuant to laws or regulations;
(B) If disclosure is particularly necessary for improvement of public health or promotion of healthy child rearing, and if obtaining the individual’s consent is difficult;
(C) If disclosure is necessary for protection of life, body and property of the individual and general public, and obtaining the individual’s consent is difficult; or
(D) If it is necessary to cooperate with government or local public authorities or any person delegated by them in fulfillment of duties required by law, and if obtaining the individual’s consent is likely to interfere with such fulfillment of duties.

6. Outsourcing of information handling
When outsourcing personal information handling in whole or in part, information will be entrusted to those selected outsourcing vendors that can guarantee sufficient standards of personal information protection, and have entered into a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

7. Disclosure/Amendment/Deletion etc.
PERSOL CAREER process regulations are complied with to promptly handle the following: Announcements of purposes of use, disclosures, amendments/additions or deletions, suspensions of use/elimination pertaining to personal information, and in cases where requests are received to halt providing information to third parties. Furthermore, there may be cases when it may not be possible to handle requests in situations which hinder PERSOL CAREER business activities.

8. Optional provision of personal information and consequences of opt-out decision
Provision of personal information is optional. However, if personal information that is asked for by PERSOL CAREER is not provided, or if an application document is deficient, it may have some effects on subsequent communications or other processes.

9. Personal information gathering that uses methods to make it difficult to identify individual respondents themselves

(A) Cookies:
This Web Site uses cookies for the purpose of obtaining information necessary to provide users with more useful services and ensuring session management.
As such, absolutely no information is gathered to enable identification of specific individuals.
Cookies that are sent to this site can be rejected in browser settings, however, in such cases, it may not be possible to receive some of the services provided by this site. Please refer to your browser guide for details about Cookie settings.

(B) Access information:
This Web Site collects information about site visitors’ access history by using web beacons of PERSOL CAREER or external corporations. However, absolutely no linking of access information with information to identify specific individuals takes place.

(C) Security cameras:
For crime protection, security cameras in the company office and its surroundings record videos. However, absolutely no linking of recorded videos with information to identify specific individuals takes place except in cases involved in a crime.

10. Point of contact for personal information handling related complaints/consultations/requests for disclosure etc.

Bilingual Recruitment Solutions
Point of contact for personal information related complaints/consultations
TEL: 03-6370-7460