Job number: Job-00267199 Posted: 2024-05-10

Marketing Operations (Mops) Specialist | マーケティングオペレーションスペシャリスト

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5 - 8 million yen Tokyo Sales & Marketing Market Research / Consumer Insight

Job details

Company overview
Our client is a Japanese private business education company.
Main responsibilities:
  • Creating a foundation to realize data-driven marketing
    • We will visualize data from MA and CRM using BI, and will be responsible for building the foundation to implement data-driven marketing measures.
    • We plan data acquisition methods, design and implement data visualization, and perform data management.
  • Data analysis - Provides suggestions and supports decision-making.
    • Leads data analysis in the marketing process, identifies issues, and proposes improvements.
  • Preparation of an environment where data can be utilized (tool selection and member training)
    • In order to implement, measure, and optimize marketing measures through various channels, we will be responsible for selecting, implementing, and operating appropriate tools, as well as formulating processes.
    • We also help field marketers use tools appropriately and perform analysis. (planning study sessions, etc.)
  • Support for streamlining and optimizing marketing measures (field marketer support)
    • We will standardize the operation of marketing measures both within and outside of the department, and support you to achieve efficient results.
  • Examples of tools used:
    • Marketo Engage, Salesforce, GA4, GRC, Ahrefs, Google Search Console, Looker studio, Big Query, CData Sync, Zapier, Notion, etc.
  • Communication tools:
    • Gmail, Slack, Zoom, etc.
Minimum requirements:
  • More than 3 years of working experience
  • Those who have experience in any of the following and want to take on the challenge of marketing operations
    • Data analysis or data processing experience
    • System requirements definition experience
    • Experience using programming languages
    • Experience in improving work efficiency (tool/system introduction, cross-departmental negotiations, etc.)
    • Sales experience with MA tools, BI tools, and CRM
  • Those who are interested in BtoB marketing
  • Language requirements: Native level Japanese proficiency, or equivalent to Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Level 1 or higher
5 - 8 million yen
Alice Wang
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Alice Wang
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